Warm Bloody Reign


Triumphant battles victories.
Scourge of funds depleted.
Children and the very old, starving, and diseased.
More worthless lives deleted.

Poverty waves an ugly mangled hand.
Destitution is payment. Warfare has its cost.
Soldiers bury their dead in a terror stricken land.
Heavily armed pallbearers, intimidations boss.
Rich fat generals make another battle plan.
Egotistical glorification. Sustenance of deadly fools.
Gun runners drink and laugh. How could life be so grand?
Exploding products, profits soar, homicidal rules.

Professor educates no more.
Moralities unjust reward.
Vengeance awaits at every door.
Innocence sacrificed. Holy War!!!

Eternal hatred feeding upon its own eternal hate.
Tall brick skeletons, destructiveness persuasive fear.
Expected surprising explosions. Horrifying normal day.
Everywhere distortion triumphs. Everywhere the end is near.
Children laughing going to school. Hope it's not been blown away.
Educators pass information, hoping that it's not in vein.
Children either die young or fall into a soldiers fate.
Born into a war torn world. Accustomed to the warm bloody reign!!!


Michael R. Roth

Archived 04/07/2010