Greetings pain my lifelong friend.
Returning for another round.
Respected with cursing from beginning to end.
Thrash me then to humility with another one of your beatings.

Bringing reign over souls trapped within the flesh.
Found deep within diseased ideals whose only chore is spurning.
Infected gift accentuate that which doesn't mesh.
Rash of superior inferiority your bells are loud in ringing.

Greetings spark of life and death.
Escort me through another day.
Aware of your presence with every breath.
Hoping hard that soon you will spend your time in fleeting.

Singing songs of great relief.
Away with you my somber retort.
Beware of those tyrannical beliefs.
Coping each and every day with thoughts of pain clinging.

Michael R. Roth





Archived 12/24/2009