Songs of Praise

Often times it surely seems we live in a world of vicious dreams.
Smiling eyes and snarling teeth, beguiling lies bringing nothing but grief to the likes of you and me.

Moonbeams dance on new fallen snow as homeless shiver with nowhere else to go and children sing sweet land of liberty and profess the beauty from sea to shining sea.

Blue collars complain about their blight as they work in shame both day and night, cutbacks threaten their way of life and the white collars sing no more, to join the ranks of the poor. Corporate heads manipulate dealing blows and deciding fate exporting jobs to eliminate waste as they see their sales fall down, no buying power to be found!

Legislators argue in rage desperately trying to turn the page, but they never quite see eye to eye as they hear the sound of their people cry, so they vote themselves another raise as they sing themselves songs of praise and hit the campaign trail!

Michael R. Roth



Archived 11/14/2009