I Am So Much Less

Climbing up the ladder to the top of corporate trust.
Others look upon you as a well respected leader.
Spending all your time exerting authorities rule
Making those decisions that keep you at the top.

Stymied by the values of those so far below.
Smothered by the pettiness of insignificant lives.
Blending with your ego you cast a knowing smile.
Taking away their factories to satisfy corporate greed.

I am less so much less than dirt.
Dirt is more than I am worth.
I can devote my life to becoming mighty and high.
But I cannot support the mighty oak that reaches for the sky.

Running just to serve the causes that you think are just.
Anticipating chances to become an ideal seeder.
Finding over time that you're being played for a fool.
Casting out integrity you swear it's going to stop.

Gunning for your enemies ignoring pain bestowed.
Antiquating worthy causes just so foes can take a dive.
Binding with the power brokers and rising all the while.
Basking in popularity now you know you can succeed.

I am so much less than mud.
I can't even rank myself with crud.
I can watch my greatest dreams in coming true unfurl.
But I cannot support the rice that helps to feed the world.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 03/17/2010