North Woods Rider

Once I was lost in the great north woods.
The Sun was falling behind the trees.
The air was smelling much better than it should.
Never before have I ever felt so free.

Somewhere down the road I felt my fear arise.
I knew that something was chasing me.
I looked in my mirror and saw glowing red eyes.
It was a devil dog bearing down upon me.

I pulled on my throttle for a little more speed.
Hot breath on my neck was giving me chills.
On my back tire he began to feed.
It wasn't too long before I went for a spill.

Trees all around me both up and down.
I was flying through the air going round and round.
I must've blacked out when I hit the ground.
When I awoke I couldn't believe what I found.

I was locked in a cage just as naked as could be.
Old women in black robes were making strange chanting sounds.
Then from behind I heard the turn of a key.
I could not keep my lust from rising when I turned around.

She was young, sweet, and pretty lying naked in the grass.
It wasn't hard to figure what they wanted me to do.
She must've been a virgin, such a pretty little lass.
It never crossed my mind what they would do when I was through.

From somewhere behind someone hit me on the head.
I guess my head was harder than they had counted on.
Something deep down inside said they wanted me dead.
So with a sudden bolt I took off on the run.

I ran through the trees with all the strength I had.
I knew them damned old witches would be awful mad.
That crazy devil dog wanted me real bad.
Then I saw my beautiful bike and boy was I glad.

I picked her up from the ground with the strength of ten men.
She went and fired up on the very first try.
With a pull on the throttle I was off and running again.
I saw that devil dog and I waived him bye bye.

Somewhere down the road something cut the night.
I knew that something was chasing me.
I looked in the mirror and saw the flashing lights.
Believe it or not I was as happy as I could be.

I let off of the throttle and pulled over to the side.
After the cop approached me he couldn't believe what he did see.
I quickly grabbed my saddle bag, I had more clothes inside.
He gave me a speeding ticket and called me a freak.

I still go cruising through the great north woods.
The air always smells so much sweeter that it should.
Sometimes I see those glowing red eyes from deep in the woods.
And I crank on that throttle just as hard as I could.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 04/20/2010