Within my soul
I feel
Yearning of so many lifetimes
Burning knowledge
I cannot know.

It is my goal
To steal
Lying schemes of dominating hatred
Dying dreams of love, sharing, and prosperity
The love of folly
Poisonous growth.

All around me
I hear
Laughter of pure ignorance bliss
Disasters victims hopeless cries
Legislated deception
Silent death.

Deep within me
I fear
Time has passed for mankind's saving
Mine is only to forewarn
Accomplishing nothing
Dying breath.

I've tried to find
The love
Bringing forth great sharing hope
Ringing in everyone's glad tidings
Tender caress

Within my mind
Fears to last a thousand lifetimes
Tears for naught

Michael R. Roth

Archived - 11/13/2009