Winter Ways

The shortening of the days.
Daylight savings time has passed.
Take on my winter ways.
Always looking through the glass.

The children love to laugh and sing.
Each and every hour more pleasure to bring.
But we can only be annoyed
with the noisy distractions of little girls and boys.
For like the days of winter, our patience has grown short.
It bothers like a splinter, their noisy little sport.

The trees are bringing changes to themselves, and to the land.
Reds and yellows rearrange the majestic greens that were once at hand.

Great piles of leaves just seem so grand,
for frolicking children a soft place to land.
They jump so high with screams of joy.
Without asking why, they make the world their toy.
But we can only show contempt.
For destroying the fruits of our labor now spent.

The air keeps getting colder.
the sun gets harder to find.
The nights keep getting bolder.
The wind loves to moan and whine.

And still the children keep chasing one another.
Playing tag in a race with each other.
Constant action is what fills their world.
The main attraction of little boys and girls.
While we hope to find just a little peace and quiet.
Just a little peace of mind and an escape from the riot.

Soon the snow will begin to fly.
Our furnaces will run, and run, and run.
Our heaviest clothes will once again meet the eye.
And we will long for the warmth of the summer sun.

But the children will happily greet the snow.
As if it were sent from heaven for their pleasure alone.
Building snowmen, and sledding down hills.
Fun is everywhere in a winter filled with thrills.
We must enjoy these little ones in their happy joyful days.
Before their youth is done, and they take on our winter ways!

Michael R. Roth




Archived 11/21/2002