Winter is Not My Friend

The nights are getting colder.
Time to become acclimated.
Winter will arrive soon.

I grow slowly older.
Time to be less agitated.
No more howling at the moon.

Children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren have
appeared before my eyes.
As I remember who I was forty years ago
I must look at what I have now
as a purely miraculous thing.
The ability to stay with the same woman for almost forty years
is somewhat of a surprise.
The man I was before had almost self destructed.
My life slowly turned around after I found
what the love of a good woman could bring.

Daytime is too short.
Time to stay indoors.
This year is near an end.

Sometimes I'm out of sorts.
My mood is on the floor.
Winter is not my friend.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 1/12/2015