We Will Not Amend

Cloudy skies and grey days.
Everyone going too and fro.
The world seems in a grey haze.
Doesn't matter where they go.

Mass shootings seem so far away.
It doesn't seem to effect them.
They're going to happen anyway.
From time to time, again and again.

Throw up your arms, what can we do?
We cannot change the world.
There's no point in trying you'll be over ruled.
Just sit and watch as things unfurl.

Hospital bombed in Afghanistan.
It's just the cost of war.
Thousands die in foreign lands.
It is the same now as it was before.

It's an ugly world but what can we do?
Bad things happen as a part of life.
Say your prayers when your day is through.
Have faith that God will protect you with His might.

Some will step forward to bring about change.
To ease the suffering of their fellow men.
Hoping to pass laws to rearrange.
The misfortunes of those suffering again and again.

The stubbornly entrenched will cry unfair.
Everything's fine for theirs and for them.
We must stop the efforts of those who dare.
To bring about change, we will not amend.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 12/15/2015