Watching out for signs as I pass through this life.
Listening for the voice of God in the everyday mundane.
Listening to some noisy crows or watching a sparrow fly.
Did you hear about the earthquake on the other side of the world?

If you are listening to our political leaders you are listening to fools.
The fools are leading fools as the world crumbles around them.
As long as everything's OK in my little world then everything's OK.
Go through life with blinders on and only see the rainbows.

Racing for the top has made the truly small look really big.
Passing along distortions to the generations that follow.
Giving worth to the worthless while idolizing fools.
Destroying Gods creation and filling it with vile.

Men anointing themselves as men of God then slaughtering Gods children.
Pronouncing their distorted words as the words of God.
Demanding all Gods children pay heed and follow the paths they've laid.
And doing all of this for the glorification of man.

I often have those dreams that I cannot understand.
I believe this to be from God speaking directly to me.
Giving me riddles to puzzle my mind.
So that my mind will always continue seeking.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/31/2015