Very Easy

He's riding his horse right into the ground.
Because he shot a man dead just yesterday.
He's trying to get away and never be found.
The only thing he knows is that he's got to get away.

He didn't mean to shoot but he forced his hand.
Why did he have to pick that time to come home.
Being caught with the wife of another man.
Just because she didn't want to be alone.

The posse's close behind and his fear is plain.
He's digging in his spurs for a little more speed.
He'll never make the same mistake ever again.
Never trust a beautiful woman in who seems to be in need.

His horse begins to falter and he knows his time is near.
He won't let em take him alive to be hanged from the nearest tree.
As his horse collapses on the ground he finds no time for fear.
He waits there for the posse so his soul may be set free.

When life deals you a bad hand and there's nothing left to save.
There is no point in complaining, no need to rant and rave.
When you've run out of luck because it's everything you gave.
You may find it very easy to slip into the grave.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/28/2015