Thirty Thousand

Stock markets rise making speculators happy
as they suck every last drop of blood from the economy
in order to make their over inflated bank accounts even fatter.

Newscasters sing their monotone songs to pass
along the information that was passed along to them.
The same information that was handed down
again, and again, and again,

Football, baseball, and basketball scores,
hockey games and tennis matches,
eighteen holes and Church Hill Downs,
all designed to placate the masses.

Sportscasters shout their exuberant rap
as they announce the winners and losers
of the days various games.
Espousing great ideals of great strength and pride
simply because of the games we play.

Construction zones and governors plans
and congress is gridlocked again.
Ravaging storms and floodwaters rise
while the drought never seems to end.

Watching the news always seems the same.
Bad news and good news given out in pieces.
Designed more to entertain than inform
in order to pacify the gullible masses.

Four thousand four hundred and ninety one
soldiers died in the war in Iraq.
Two thousand three hundred and fifty six
sacrificed all in Afghanistan.

Soldiers come home to songs of praise
while parades are given in their honor.
Newscasters speak of how freedom was saved
because of the sacrifices they had made.
Metals are given and pride stands tall
for every American to see.

One hundred thousand were shot on the streets
of America last year.
I've never heard it on the news.
This is the truth I never hear.
Thirty thousand shot dead in America last year!!!

Michael R. Roth

Archived 7/14/2015