These Dreams

Get out of bed and go to work five days a week.
Monday through Friday, I put in my time.
Most of us have to work if we want to eat.
Working a steady job helps keep you in line.

Sometimes I have those dreams where I find that I can fly.
Up and away from whatever is chasing me, to leave it on the ground.
With but a mere thought I'll find myself soaring ever so high.
And when I'm flying up high I continue looking up instead of looking down.

Earning money every day so we can pay it out again.
Money through revolving door, our lifestyle to sustain.
Paying bills and buying things creates other jobs.
Only a very fortunate few get to do a job they love.

Sometimes I have these dreams where I can fly away.
Soaring up above the clouds where the Sun will always shine.
Just like me, all my troubles fly away.
I wish these dreams were not so rare, so I could have them all the time.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 12/16/2015