There But By The Grace of God

Wave after wave of relentless immigration pushing hard against a rising tide of resentment.
Drowning in sorrow, pain, and fear.
Leaving everything behind except the lives they've held onto.
Losing some along the way only compounding their sorrow, grief, and agony
as they search for a place of sanctuary.
Finding walls and barriers placed in their path simply constructed to keep them out.
Some are captured and placed in captivity because of the fear generated by
large masses of migrating strangers.
Resources are pushed beyond the limits of what some are able to support.
And then there are those so filled with hatred and distrust of anyone not exactly like them
that they are willing to demonize and persecute those simply trying to escape the horror
that once was there home.
And then there are those willing to rush headlong into the torrent to rescue as many as
they can from this tumultuous sea of sorrow.
And then there are those that will gladly render aid to those suffering and in pain
from trying to find a place where they can feel safe and live in peace.
And then there are those that will stand up and fight against those perpetuating hatred
and intolerance towards those that only want to live in peace.
And then there are those that will stand with arms wide open and bid welcome
to all Gods children.
And then there are those that strongly believe in the old adage,
there but by the grace of God, go I !!!

Michael R. Roth

Archived 12/18/2015