The Very Last Time

They've been married just over seven years.
Where did things go wrong?
They've had their blessings and they've shed their tears.
And now it's just all gone.

There's just no way to tell when it began to fall apart.
There is no reason or rhyme.
It's too late now to mend the broken hearts.
There's no going back in time.

Building anger lead to insults absurd.
Accusations flew to generate lies.
Both of them shouting and neither one heard.
Too many slamming doors without a single goodbye.

They both grieved in their hearts for the love that was lost.
They've both sat down and cried.
There isn't anyway to add up the cost.
There's nothing you can do when your marriage up and dies.

For the very last time he was walking out the door.
His heart was very heavy, he was grieving inside.
He just was not prepared for what he saw on the floor.
He saw his children's little shoes and he began to cry.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 9/28/2015