The Rain Maker

I once knew a very sad man.
I will call him the rain maker.
He never made the water fall from the sky.
I never saw his figure lighted by a lightning flash.
I never heard him answered by the thunder.

I could see by the sadness in his eyes.
I could read it in the lines upon his face.
He's found himself too many times trapped within the reasons to make a grown man cry.
Too many times stuck within the rolling momentum that leads to the inevitable crash.
All he's found are broken ladders to lift himself up from under.

I've felt the pressures bearing down to drive a strong man too his knees.
I've tortured myself with the kinds of pleasures spawned by societies disease.
I've lived within the circle that feeds upon the pain of introverted pleasure.
I've gathered poisons unto myself, laid them all upon a shelf and therein claimed my treasure.

I once knew an unhappy man.
I like to call him the rain maker.
I never saw him dancing in the rain.
I never saw the lightning flash bring a smile to his face.
But I did once hear him curse the thunder.

I could hear it in the crackle in his voice.
I could see it in the slovenly way he carried himself.
Too much time has been spent wallowing in the pain.
Too much time has been spent living in disgrace.
Too little effort has been made to lift himself from under.

Your destiny which lies before.
Lies waiting there at your command.
It's up to you to choose which door.
You hold your future in your hands.

It is your choice to stand for nothing.
I guess then nothing is what you are.
The toughest choices will lay at hand.
When you choose to make a stand.

I once knew a very lonely man.
I choose to call him the rain maker.
I saw him make the water fall from his loved ones eyes.
I saw his children broken as if hit by a lightning flash.
I heard his wife crying and I saw her body tremble.
As they lay his body under.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 09/24/2010