The Man in The Moon

Street lights shine on cold grey streets.
The Earth has turned the Sun away.
Birds no longer sing, they've all gone to sleep.
Awaiting on the Sun and the start of a new day.

Days of past youthful joy.
Others problems didn't matter much to me.
The world seemed a good place, I was a happy boy.
The man in the moon smiled down for all to see.

Traffic moves along at a quick steady pace.
Almost empty highways make the movement seem so free.
Headlights brighten eyes of some unknown animals face.
A moments frozen stare before he quickly flees.

Childhood exuberance of days gone by.
Fun around every corner awaited there for me.
The world was my playground, I could almost fly.
The man in the moon was smiling down on me.

A man walks his dog in the shadows of the night.
A happy lonesome pair disappearing in the grey.
Two souls have found a special kind of delight.
Bonds of friendship formed keep the loneliness at bay.

Naiveties remembrance of uncomplicated times.
Problems seemed to go away as quickly as they came.
The world seemed a good place I was glad to call mine.
The man in the moon was smiling behind the rain.

People sleeping under bridges each and every night.
Children crying for their mothers, where could she have gone?
Teenagers in a back alley, another bloody gang fight.
Parents at the city morgue, where did we go wrong?

Shocking realization. The world is much too cruel.
City streets are lined with our hungry and our poor.
Too many people living lives as self indulgent fools.
The man in the moon isn't smiling anymore!

Michael R. Roth

Archived 09/23/2010