Summertime Sweet Summertime

Blue sky with fluffy clouds.
Giant pillows floating by.
Bright sunshine to warm the air.
Soft wind moving the air around.

Crows are squawking very loud.
Songbirds are singing in the sky.
Bees are buzzing everywhere.
The ants are busy on the ground.

Summertime, sweet summertime,
may this season never end
Sweet, sweet summertime.
When it arrives I'm happy again.

Thunderstorms put on a magnificent show.
Lightning bolts flash to thrill the eyes.
Thunderous noise to demonstrate might.
Quenching downpours to wash the land.

Fireflies twinkling as they fly and glow.
Vast fields all a twinkle, a treat for the eyes.
Night crawlers rise to the surface each night.
So the young fisherman with flashlights can catch them by hand.

I hate cold, and I hate snow.
Wintertime is no time for me.
Cold, dark, and dreary.
Makes me as unhappy as I can be.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/20/2015