Stake Your Claim

Thriving past the point of no return.
Taking all that you should give away.
Dousing fires that should be left to burn.
Selling water to the drowning each and every day.

Diving through the clouds on your way to crash and burn.
Faking tragic despair as you hit the ground and burst into laughter.
Housing only garbage with the riches you have earned.
Telling all the world how to love disaster.

Grinding into mush the prosperity that you see.
Blaming all those under foot for being where they are.
Telling all the gullible fools why they should be happy.
Pleasure always can be found within a brand new car.

Binding up all recourse so your will be done.
Shaming those for finding fault and trying to lay blame.
Quelling opposition with your quips and puns.
Treasure will await you once you've staked your claim.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 10/05/2015