Working just to sustain life, is all life seems to be.
Grinding out our daily toil, in futile effort to be free.
Peace of mind tends to elude all efforts brought to bear.
Leading some to believe, it makes no sense to care.
Just for the sake of solitude, we fabricate our cages.

Lurking back within the mind, lives elusive foes.
Binding up all the good we find with self inflicted woes.
Crease the fears so they will fit within every corner of your mind.
Feeding tears to impressionable youth, never meaning to be unkind.
Then finding it hard to understand, why they fly into rages.

Investing time to obtain, a little thing like truth.
Ingesting lies revealing spoil, just as far as the eye can see.
Mazes built just to delude the minds of us inquisitive few.
Fazes traversed lead me to perceive, the effects are mine to cull.
As the years of my past grow evermore numerous,
I find I'm changing ages.
Bronze to Iron !!!

Michael R. Roth




Archived 11/18/2009