She Was Very Pleased

His girlfriend had broken up with him about six months ago.
And he still walked around dragging his heart on the floor.
He sat down at the bar and ordered a shot and a beer.
All he wanted to do was drown his sorrow and hide his tears.

She sat down next to him like he wasn't even there.
She ordered up a cocktail, something kind of sweet.
She looked right through him like all he was was air.
But she thought to herself, this just might turn out to be a treat.

He looks over at her and thinks she looks real good.
He wants to start a conversation, he knows he really should.
He engages her in small talk about the happening of the day.
He believes that she is listening even when she looks the other way.

She's making out her plans for later on that night.
He should be lots of fun because she knows just what to do.
She's going to make sure he gets to feeling quite all right.
She'll put a smile on his face before this night is through.

He asks her if she'd like to go somewhere else.
Find a nice little spot where they could be by themselves.
I'll get a bottle of booze for me and a bottle of wine for you.
Then we'll find a quiet spot where it will be just us two.

She say's that she knows just the right place to go.
There's a park out on the highway and there's never anyone there.
There we'll be alone just goin with the flow.
We can do whatever we want because all in love is fare.

He's happier now that he's been in quite a while.
If you look upon his face you will even find a smile.
He drives just where she tells him thinking this is going to be great.
He figures they'll be out there till its really late.

She hands him the bottle of booze and says, "we're here for fun".
Then she kisses him all over and encourages him do drink.
She promises him that as for now, he's the only one.
And keeps handing him the bottle of booze so he doesn't have time to think.

He wakes up inside his car sometime the next day.
He finds himself completely naked and she has gone away.
She had stolen almost everything except his wallet and his keys.
She had taken all his money and his plastic but left one little note saying
that she was very pleased.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/25/2016