Falling through the cracks because the cracks have become agape.
Struggling to survive only creates a sense of gloom.
Never quite enough can be like unto a cancer.
Eating up your pride and slowly devouring your self worth.

Fighting against the system may leave you feeling raped.
Looking toward the future may leave you feeling doomed.
Questioning the purpose of your life and yet you find no answer.
Waiting for things to slowly get better yet all they do is get worse.

Stalling legislation at the behest of your supporters.
Smuggling money over seas to keep from paying taxes.
Ever looking for ways to keep the common people down.
Seeding them with malcontent so that they blame each other.

Righting wrongs is not the intent of the news medias reporters.
Cooking up distorted stories and selling them as facts.
Wrestling with the facts to get just the right slant before you right them down.
Baiting people into feeling hate for one another.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 9/01/2016