Quiet Resolve

Dilapidated old relics flying through the air.
Over the top of brand new jet planes, some think it isn't fair.
Old geezers flying high on dilapidated wings.
Young pilots on the ground held down by the thinnest of strings.

Rickety old wooden barges contentedly floating down stream.
Streamlined modern speedboats splitting at the seams.
Wise and peaceful elders silently afloat.
While wild eyed restless youth cannot control their boats.

Slinging stones and breaking bones will reap only hate.
While quiet resolve will evolve into something great.

Beat up old rust buckets driving down the road.
Sleek and shiny speedsters have been put on hold.
Grey haired wrinkled old men driving without a hitch.
While young and reckless boys are sitting in the ditch.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/18/2015