No One There to Stop It

Manipulating the supreme court was not as hard as they thought it would be.
Working for decades to reshape the government to work more in there favor.
With unlimited wealth at your disposal the world will be what you want it to be.
They view the common people as fools as they pretend to be their savior.

Political campaigns will stand no chance without their money behind them.
Enemies step up but are soon shot down by propaganda and lies.
Power is given as a reward and removed as punishment again and again.
The people will see only what they want them to see and what they
really should see will always be denied.

Creating war requires propaganda and a great deal of manipulation.
Sowing seeds of hate to create profit and further your own ends.
Many lives will be sacrificed because that 's what is called for
in this kind of situation
Keeping profits growing and eliminating enemies all justified as defense.

Free trade agreements reap many rewards and greatly increase profits.
The people are lied to again and again being told that it's really all for the good.
With politicians afraid of losing their support there's no one there to stop it.
They export hundreds of thousands of jobs for the cheap labor
just like they knew they would.

Systematic genocide is truly a skill created over time.
Eliminating worthless lives while generating profit.
Thirty thousand shot dead last year shows that everything is in line.
But it's not quite enough so another trade agreement is created
with no one there to stop it.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/03/2015