Must Be

Little boys and Tonka trucks playing in the dirt.
Love the dirt and mucky muck and getting all covered with earth.

Wrestle around out on the lawn to see which one is stronger.
Never worry about right or wrong or which one will last longer.

With all of their toys and all of their noise and always on the run.
Little boys should be little boys always having fun.

Little girls and Barbie dolls playing on the floor.
Dressing them up just like a princess walking through the castle door.

Playing dress up and pretending to be grown up is always lots of fun
Wanting jewelry, make up, and pretty clothes, 
someday they'll keep the boys on the run.

With all of their charm they will disarm anyone that should come near.
Little girls must be little girls and always held most dear.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/29/2015