Long Ago and Far Away

Long ago and far away.
I was standing here one day.
Come and go and come what may.
Long ago and far away.

Green, green fields within my mind.
From another place and time.
Now paved with streets the buildings in line.
Now another place and time.

Factories stood where apartments now dwell.
Some may even have called them hell.
But jobs were plenty at the well.
Apartments now stand where factories once dwelled.

With the family business downtowns used to thrive.
The streets of downtown like a busy beehive.
Walmart and Target is where business now survives.
Where families spend their money so that the rich may thrive.

Over there used to be all farmland.
Where the corn grew to feed the animals and man.
It has become a parking lot where a mall now stands.
On what was once great farm land.

I held a baby boy in my arms many years ago.
I watched him become a man everyone wanted to know.
He was a hard working man always on the go.
Till he rode his motorcycle to his heavenly home.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 7/21/2015