Listen To The Silent Sing

Coming off of loony toons
Going down on Easy street.
I was coming way too soon.
All my members were in retreat.

Sweet to gaze upon crazy rabbit.
Chasing round the inside out.
Clinging onto one bad habit.
Slinking up without doubt.

Slowing down arriving sooner.
Touching soft to make it stiff.
Exposing selfish as a gooner.
Finding awe in naked bliss.

Tantrums clinging peaceful virtue.
Crying caused by laughing game.
Exposing lies really true.
Running backwards making gains.

Strong hands touching very weak.
Rough skin feeling soft and smooth.
Big and strong is small and meek.
Soft and weak becomes hard tool.

Covered up by naked pleasure.
Nothing becomes everything.
Nothing is the greatest treasure.
Listen to the silent sing.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 11/11/2015