Hammer heads in black and whites.
Cruise the streets all through the night.
Sleazy slime may come and go.
Hammer heads will never know.

Lowly peasants carry on.
Now and then they slip and fall
Hammer heads will trounce upon.
To do their duty they give their all.

Very rich devils always smile.
Life has never been so good.
Very rich devils live in style.
Everything is as it should.

Earth bound lords sit and judge.
Trying not to hold a grudge.
Cannot take the pain away.
Save it for another day.

Sleazy slime will post his bail.
Lowly peasants sit and cry.
Hammer heads will chase their tails.
Sleazy slime has learned to fly.

Just for me and just for you.
Justice can turn a poor man blue.
Just for us to do as we're told.
Justice you know is paved with gold.

Jackals feed upon the crimes.
That are done by sleazy slimes.
Lowly peasants pay the fee.
Jackals will not work for free.

Hatred lashes out in rage.
Jackals simply close the door.
Hatred cannot turn the page.
Trapped within forever more.

Very rich devils love to laugh.
Life has never been so grand.
Very rich devils point to their graphs.
Everything's according to plan.

Who is there to make the rules.
Nothing but elected fools.
Give and take is not the game.
With give and take there would be gain.

Very rich devils always win.
Sleazy slime will be set free.
Lowly peasants knocked down again.
When you're on the ground you cannot see.

Just for us not just for them.
Justice sometimes seems so grim.
Just for them lets keep it sunny.
Justice can be bought with money.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 07/22/2010