Walking through the nitty gritty
On my way to must be done.
Even flowers don't look too pretty.
When you find you're under the gun.

Silence called for never heard.
In the midst of raging war.
Screaming fear will soon be blurred.
By the vengeance of what came before.

Hide your eyes from what you've seen.
Hide within what you have done.
Return to the places you have been.
Return to the life that never begun.

Look into the eyes that look into yours.
And find within what's been lost in you.
Hide from them your scars and sores.
Only show them what they think is true.

Salute the flag and sing patriotic songs.
Stand tall and proud in the brightest light.
They all must see that we right all wrongs.
Instill pride in the children to carry on the fight.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 7/03/2015