People on their cell phones
driving in their cars.
Just can't seem to leave it alone
no matter where they are.
Children playing video games
morning, noon and night.
Some things never seem to change.
Sometimes it seems like we never get it right.

Personnel bliss seems to arrive,
of it's own accord.
Personnel pleasures will not be denied.
Reality escapes cannot be ignored.

Cigarette always burning.
Hanging from his mouth
Some are slow in learning.
Cannot live without.
Alcohol seems to rule.
The logic of his life
Dare we call him fool?
Because he thinks he's right.

Habits seem to permeate.
The fabric of our life.
We try and try to regulate.
To keep ourselves from strife.

Popping pills to create fun.
Artificial dreams.
Before you begin you're already done.
Splitting at the seems.
Now stick the needle in your arm.
You need a little more.
The pills too soon have lost their charm.
Life's becoming such a bore.

Self indulgence leaves no room.
For the simple things in life
Before too long you'll be consumed.
And nothing will seem right.

Michael. R. Roth

Archived 07/01/2011