The essence of the angry man.
Dominates life upon the Earth.
Within ourselves no peace of mind.
Questioning our very worth.

I cannot see an end to war.
Hunger and poverty go on forever.
Cure one disease and get three more.
Children learn the meaning of never.

Living, laughing, future planning, bank accounts we must see grow.
Cursing, swearing, sometimes damning the welfare bums living off of our taxes down in skid row.
The top of the ladder seems a far to distant entity who's only purpose is frustration and despair.
The bottom of the pit seems an ever pulling demon, living to consume, giving us cause to dare.

Lifetimes spent in fighting fear.
We see confusion rise and fall.
Values chosen and held most dear.
Trying our best to avoid a fall.

I cannot find enough who dare
To make a stand and fight the wrongs.
How can we see and still not care.
How can we ignore the cries of the throngs?

Michael R. Roth

Archived 07/30/2010