Get Everything They Want

Super egos feeling lust for power.
Spewing forth lies and half truths to get just what they're after.
Promising all a better world if they believe in them.
Trampling and disabling all that get in their way.

Normals and abnormals go about there lives.
Trying to do the best they can with what they have to work with.
Some succeed and many fail through the execution of their efforts.
Most will up and try again while some will simply muddle through.

The normals and abnormals will sit and watch the news.
To learn about the super egos as they are portrayed.
The news media paints a picture that they want them to see.
Filled with half truths and distortions to define how they look.

The news media has a high stake in these political games.
Their owners and controllers would like to control the outcome.
They want no laws passed that will minimize their income.
The laws they want passed should help them to make more.

Super egos must appease the normals and abnormals.
And they must do the bidding of their powerful contributors.
So they have to spin lies for the normals and abnormals.
While promising their powerful contributors they'll get everything they want.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/26/2016