Flying Pigs

Flying pigs can fly so high
above the clouds in bright blue sky.
There excrement comes splashing down
through the clouds right to the ground.

The dogs will bark and the cats will cry
about the excrement from the sky.
They don't know what to do or what to try
about the stench that burns the eye.

The pigs will land just where they will
so that they may their stomachs fill.
They squeal with joy with squeals so shrill
as they stand and eat there fill.
When they fill up by and by
they take off into the bright blue sky.

The cats and dogs they will complain
about this scourge that is their pain.
What can we do to stop this reign
of smelly manure that is our bane?
They will task their minds and wrack their brains
to hatch a plan to end this pain.

Spread poisoned food across the ground
for the pigs to eat when they come down.
Spread this poison everywhere
to rid this stench that fills our air.

The pigs did land upon the ground
and ate the food that they had found.
It wasn't long before they found
the flying pigs came crashing down.

The cats and dogs did rejoice
for they thought they made the wisest choice.
No more manure from the sky
to bring a tear to the eye.

And one more bonus they had found
with all these dead pigs just scattered around.
They loved to eat pork it was plain to see.
So now they were living in ecstasy.

They gorged themselves on all that meat
that they found so tender and sweet.
They ate like pigs till the pigs were all gone.
From the early morning to the setting sun.

It wasn't long before they found
they were all real sick and falling down.
They poisoned themselves with all that meat
that they found so tender and so sweet.

And peace now fell upon the land.
All the flowers were so grand
with beautiful colors that did span
all across this peaceful land.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 11/03/2015