Each and Every Day

Too many dreams and not enough dreamers.
Too many schemes and not enough willing to try.
I see them falling down. those inconsiderate leaners.
Then blaming everyone else as they sit on the floor and cry.

Solutions are thought up by the greedy and the selfish.
Take away their support and soon they will be gone.
But the leaners have allied with the wealthy and the seedy.
The wealthy and the seedy have no room for right or wrong.

The leaners seem to gather like pools of septic waste.
The wealthy and the seedy will see to all their needs.
The greedy and the selfish will hang on to their faith.
There's not a single problem that can't be solved with greed.

The working class do their best to try and hang on.
Working for a way of life they thought was theirs to keep.
But the wealthy and the seedy need money to pass along.
So the morbid obese leaners will always have more to eat.

The greedy and the selfish will simply turn their backs.
The working class soon will find their work has been taken away.
The greedy and the selfish have everything they lack.
And more working class become leaners each and every day.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 9/29/2015