Dreams and Schemes

Blacktop dreams and cement schemes
will only wear out tires.
Traveling roads with heavy loads
look up you're following wire.

Growing old while on the road
will keep you away from home.
Family life will be sacrificed
and you will spend your life alone.

Teenage boy dreams and hatches schemes
about the girl that set his heart on fire.
He will pine over this girl so fine
watch out he's chasing his hearts desire.

He wants her for his own his and his alone
His feelings inside will not be denied.
He need not understand it's all a part of the plan
of becoming a man from inside.

Lofty dreams and convoluted schemes
they want to set the world on fire.
If you listen to them again and again
you'll find you're following liars.

They may begin with good intent
but money soon corrupts.
They become aligned with crooked men
and soon there is no trust.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 1/04/2016