Starry eyes and full moon skies left adrift in space.
Looking through the air we breath only to conceive that we are free.
Hearing the sounds that abound around us trying to hear our own voice.
Touching ourselves with sensual pleasure finding the treasure that lies within.

Within ourselves there is a world. The world in which we live.
Outside ourselves is another world. The world in which everyone else lives.
Walking around upon the ground in victory and defeat.
The victors laugh at the other half and the losers wonder why.

Starry skies and midnight fliers always know their place.
Cooking stew will warm you through when you come in out of the cold.
Cheering the team that we esteem on to victory.
Clutching hard all that is ours because we would hate to loose them.

Look at yourself and then decide if you like what you see.
If you do not see what you like then it is time to make some changes.
Judgments passed on your behalf because of those around you.
The foolish mistakes you've made in the past should not be what defines you.

Michael R. Roth