I arrived just in time to watch a strong man die.
He asked me for a drink so I gave him a shot of rye.
In the moment that he smiled his life walked from his eyes.

Envisioning a better life only makes me mad.
I've been at this too many years.
It's too late for me now.
Enragement has consumed my life, it's all I've ever had.
I've avoided all the mirrors.
I took the demons vow.

I left a man for dead on that last plateau.
He told me himself that I had to let him go.
Wisdom is born in less than a very few.
Every time I see it, it is something new.

If ignorance is bliss than I am a mournful man.
I've tasted of the tree of life as often as I can.
So often have a tasted it, it is all that I can stand.

I can hear the law dogs birds approaching from the west.
My time on Earth is near an end.
Now's the time to do and die.
How many can I take along?

I guess I cannot rank myself with the truly blest.
Burning bridges everywhere I've been.
I've felt the relief in a dieing mans eyes.
I've seen the weak defeat the strong.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 10/15/2010