Deadline's Drawing Nearer

 I wrote this on January 15th. 1991
As the world watched and waited to see if Saddam Hussein would withdraw from Kuwait.

His leave is almost over as he packs his bags to go.
Fearful premonitions of what just might lie in store.
Reasons behind the conflict are not his duty to know.
Deadline's drawing nearer, it doesn't matter anymore.

She grieves for him inside as she holds him in her eyes.
Tearful reminiscence of the little boy now in her past.
Seasons left behind only make her want to cry.
Deadline's drawing nearer, time is passing much too fast.

Carrying heavy duffel bag out to his parents car.
Mindless actions seem to be the order of the day.
Taking in his eyes the home he'll remember from afar.
Deadline's drawing nearer, we must be on our way.

Tarrying on his way to drive his son to war.
Timeless memories fill his mind. How his son has made him proud.
Faking calm tranquility when his tears would like to pour.
Deadline's drawing nearer, like a blackened storm cloud.

They see him to the gate where his plane is ready to leave.
Long embraces and strong held hand shakes are exchanged one last time.
Tears now flow freely with the overwhelming fear and grief.
Deadline's drawing nearer, they watch him fly away.

Michael R. Roth

Archined 06/25/2010