The old man wakes up at the same time each and every morning.
He very slowly rises, gets himself dressed, and makes his way downstairs.
As soon as he reaches the kitchen he goes back into mourning.
The pervasive silence is almost too much to bare.

With a heavy heart he makes makes a cup of coffee,
pours himself a bowl of cereal, and sits down to eat.
He turns on the radio to hear the local news to help him start his day.
If she were still here he'd be having a piece of pie,
how she made his life seem sweet.
He finishes his coffee and cereal, rinses out the bowl
and cup and puts them away.

He decides to do some yard work so he gets himself ready and heads out the door.
He does some weeding around the flowers that his wife used to lovingly tend.
Even though they still are beautiful they just don't seem as beautiful as they did before.
He trims the bushes and mows the lawn as the yard work never ends.

He finds that he is thirsty so he heads back in the house.
He pours himself a glass of lemonade and proceeds to quench his thirst.
If she were still here she'd be busy as a mouse.
Keeping everything spic and span the housework always came first.

He decides to make a trip to the store because he's almost out of beer.
He buys some beer and some groceries and proceeds to head for home.
On his way home he goes through a drive through to get his supper,
something he never would've done if she were still here.
When he pulls into his driveway and walks into his house he feels even more alone.

He sets his supper down on a TV trey in front of his favorite chair.
He opens up his beer and takes his first drink.
He misses his wife's cooking and the smells that would fill the air.
He turns on the television to watch the news,
because the world is on the brink.

After he finishes eating he throws the garbage away.
He sits down in his recliner and finishes his beer.
He falls asleep watching the news like he does every day.
Dreaming those sweet dreams about when his wife was still here.

She tells her husband that she's going to call her dad.
She worries about him being there all alone.
She picks up the phone dialing his number, feeling a little sad.
She wishes her mother had never passed and was still there at home.

The phone simply rings and rings. Why doesn't he pick up?
So she quickly goes and gets in her car to check upon her daddy.
When she walks through the front door the TV volume was turned up.
He was there reclined in his chair so she says "daddy".
She gets no response so this time a little louder, "daddy".
Still no response.
In tearful recognition of what she is now confronted with she cries out,

Michael R. Roth

Archived 8/3124/2015