Common Sense

Do gardens grow in Pakistan?
Do Russians pray for peace?
Do children play in Afghanistan?
Do they say bless you in Chinese?

As we gather with our families in times of sorrow and joy.
We must pass along our love for these are our greatest treasures.
We should live our lives as if we were being watched by every little girl and boy.
We should teach our children how to find within their greatest source of pleasure.

As we stumble and fall and make our mistakes, the truth we should not hide.
Exemplify your honesty and demonstrate humility within your lessons learned.
Lead by example and chose yourself a soul mate to walk by your side.
Remember that in the end your life should not be summed up by those things you've earned.

Do they love their children in Iran?
Are there Palestinians that do not hate?
Are there Mexicans that love their land?
Will you find common sense in the United States?

Michael R. Roth

Archived 12/17/2015