Colorful Glow

Sitting on the deck on the fourth of July.
Drinking a beer and enjoying the weather.
His wife comes out with a glass of wine to sit by his side.
One happy, loving couple, grateful to be together.

Fire crackers bang, bang, bang all over town.
Bottle rockets whistle towards the sky.
Happiness and joy can be felt all over town.
Even though the bang, bangs, causes a distant babies cry.

Time to fire up the grill and fix us something good to eat.
Pour in some charcoal and starter fluid and set it all on fire.
Bar B Q ribs sounds like a mighty fine treat.
And some potatoes and corn to quench our hungering desire.

As the Sun starts getting low they head down to the park.
Dark will be coming soon and they don't want to miss the show.
Just as soon as it sets completely the fireworks will start.
And all of the people will bask in its colorful glow.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 7/07/2016