Christmas Shopping

I feel the eyes of passing strangers.
Exhaling misty clouds.
Cold winter air.

I hear them talking far behind me.
Sometimes very loud.
At times with silent care.

Steady motion.
Human waves.
Such devotion,
Shopping days.

Long line of children, pure impatience.
Movement without motion.
Worries without care.

Overstuffed man in red pajamas.
Does he have a potion,
that keeps him laughing there?

Constant giggles.
Mixed with crying.
Little wiggles.
Parents sighing.

Movement slowed by rushed exuberance.
People packed in aisles.
buying all that's there.

Bewildered expressions show concern.
Will he like this style?
Will this show her that I care?

Deep thought.
Must compare.
Item bought.
Shelf is bare.

Proprietors smile upon the masses.
Long lines waiting.
Carts packed high.

Weary checkers forceful smiles.
Long lines waiting.
Carts packed high.

Always cheerful.
Legs are sore.
Almost tearful.
Smile more.

In the house a lonely pine.
Bathed in light.
Its smell fills the air.

Around it gathered family love.
All is right.
All is fare.

Feel the love.
Fill the air.
A gift from above.
With so much care.

Michael R. Roth


Archived 11/22/2009