Burning Sacred Text

Standing in superlatives drowning in good intentions.
Looking for free radicals to drive the literates crazy.
Finding only obstinate silence refusing to make a sound.
Trying to find a hiding place out in the great wide open.

Landing upon adjectives and now I find I'm sinking.
Hooking on to abstract thoughts trying to find an answer.
Binding up my freedom by powers that lay before me.
Crying over fires while burning sacred text.

Running with the verbs and other words I cannot mention.
Found too many weak and all too often lazy.
Praising the absurd while putting greatness down.
Showing only hatred for those that have been coping.

Shunning all that's righteous while the sacred wine you're drinking.
Bound by many lies while helping spread the cancer.
Raising children in drug infested slums so that pestilence is all they see.
Growing only hatred for what used to be our best.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 9/13/2016