Bill's Bar and Grill

I was on my own, all alone, just passing through a strange new town
I wanted a drink and I began to think, there had to be a bar around.
So I traveled the streets, feeling the heat, but not a tavern could be found.

I stopped for some gas and just had to ask if the attendant knew of a bar.
She said yes, she didn't make me guess, and told me that it wasn't far.
And it wasn't too far before I was parking my car and walking into the bar.

The bartender said," come and sit right down. Welcome to my bar and grill."
"Have a beer. It's on me, and by the way, my name is Bill."

Now he was large, built like a barge, but he seemed like the friendly type.
He liked to talk, but he did not balk, and he didn't try to fill me with hype.
Well he had some beef's and I had some grief's and we generally exchanged gripes.

Then his wife walked in, she was kind of thin with a body that looked real good.
She was her husbands relief, and he was going to leave so I felt that I also should.
But I stayed for one more, because I knew for sure there were no more bars in this neck of the woods.

The bartender said," please do not leave. Won't you stay for awhile?"
"I'll buy you a beer. We can sit and talk. And by the way, I like your style."

She too liked to talk, she did squeak and squawk about all of the things that weren't going right.
She sure did complain over and over again about her husband and his long nights.
There was one thing I could see, it was as plain as could be, she liked her jeans awfully tight

I was about to leave but I could not perceive just what she had on her mind.
She targeted me in and with a sweet grin, on my lap she put her behind.
I wanted to flee because her husband did see and I knew that I was in a bind

Bill looked at me and said, "don't bother to run cause when I catch ya you'll still be dead."
I said, "now wait Bill. I didn't mean nothin. I don't want to take her to bed."

Well Bill did not hear and I was in fear, because I knew he wanted me dead.
So I tried to run but he pulled out a gun and aimed it at my head.
I almost got out when I heard the gun shout and I felt the hot burn of lead.

I awoke in a room that filled me with gloom because it was painted all white.
I was told, it was only a graze, no need to get crazed, I really was alright.
And it wasn't too long before I was long gone and wishing that town a good night.

So if you find yourself in a strange new town and it's hard to find a bar.
When you stop for some gas just buy yourself a soda and get back in your car!

Michael R. Roth

Archived 07/21/2010