Bells of Hell

Living on the edge of reality.
Crossing back and forth over the line.
You cause but never see the fatalities.
Reality for you is the reality you define.

Creating large sums of wealth.
Using your distorted sense of justice.
Laughing at those unhappy with the cards you have dealt.
Cheating them even more while casting down aspersions never understanding
what all the fuss is.

Everyone that stands with you are the best people upon the Earth.
Everyone that stands against you is a crooked cheating liar.
Even though many that have stood with you have wound up in the dirt.
And the consequences of those that turn against you are dire.

A poor man wants to be rich. A rich man wants to be king.
Your aspirations and desires have a certain ring.
As if no one hasn't noticed what the ring tells.
For if you listen very hard you'll hear the bells of hell.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 9/06/2016