Begin Anew

A rainy day is a good day to look for peace of mind.
I looked and looked all around to see what I could find.
I found laughter flying through the air.
Disaster waiting on the ground.
I found many living without care.
And even more that will never be found.

A rainy day is a very good day to spend time in reflection.
I brought up memories from deep within trying to find perfection.
I found regret from the pain
I inflicted upon the ones I love.
I found the tears from the shame
of being unable to rise above.

Peace of mind is a fleeting thing
so do not try to grasp too tight.
Troubles will come with the heartaches they bring
to plunge you into darkest night.
Love and laughter the only cure
to heal the wounds of troubles past.
Yesterdays disasters will lose their furor
as you put them further in your past.

Reflection brings back many mistakes
as we remember the things we've done.
Foolish actions will leave a rough wake
and the ones that we love may be overcome.
Stepping back
to look at yourself from others point of view.
Will help you see the things that you lack
so that you may begin anew.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 7/31/2015