Baying at the Moon

Living in the future madness.
Dwelling here with tranquil fools.
Giving all that I can bear.
Quelling peace of mind a little more each day.

Crying should come in times of great sadness.
Playing by societies rules.
Lying with facts that are not there.
Laying down great burdens upon those that only want to play.

I lost my voice while baying at the moon.
The midnight air swept it up in the wind, and kept it for its own.
Now I hear the echo's on full moon, cloudless nights.
Bringing back those memories that chill me to the bone.

Walking with traditions future past.
Aiming for insurmountable goals.
Balking at the sour grapes, some of my peers have gained.
Maiming independence for prosperities just rewards,

Wishing for ever more, I fell into their traps.
Diseased by the values of bankers, I must stop to pay their tolls.
Fishing for a better life, has cast me into chains.
Displeased with the final outcome, my spirit can find no accord.

I lost my voice while baying at the moon.
You'd know it if you've heard it, for it has demonic tones.
If you hear it getting nearer, it will fill your soul with fright.
For it travels with the wild youth,
rebelliousness full blown! ! !

Michael R. Roth




Archived 11/19/2009