Asleep at the Wheel

I wish that old man would stop walkin cross my path.
Done ran him over ten times tonight.
I think I need some sleep.

Gear down. Gear down. You're movin a bit too fast.
Big curve at the bottom I gotta hit just right.
Big curve at the bottom of a grade way too steep.

This Smokey Mountain road has got me under its spell.
Up and down and round and round into the bowels of hell.
Ain't had no sleep in thirty hours straight.
Gotta make this load on time.
No way can I be late.

Breaker, breaker one nine, is anybody out there?
Breaker, breaker one nine, someone talk to me please.
There ain't nothin to hear but the sound of dead air.
There ain't nothin out here but hills, rocks, and trees.

C'mon baby, pull baby pull, it's a long way to the top.
C'mon baby, pull baby pull, no way can we stop.
I look down at the road and much to my surprise.
Big team of huskies helpin pull the truck there to greet my eyes.

Once more over the top and I'm shifting gears again.
Gettin mighty tired and sore up and down these mountain roads.
The old man steps out in front again like a suicidal friend.
Gear down, gear down, or the breaks will never hold.

Comin round a curve and what the hell do I see?
Just a flash in my eyes from way on up ahead.
A house in the middle of the road, I knew this couldn't be.
For the huskies were out in front again pullin my big old sled.

I curve to the left, and I curve to the right.
I hit the old man another ten times.
Gettin after four-o-clock I'll be glad to see daylight.
That house keeps getting closer, and it's messin up my mind.

It's easy enough to see just what happened here.
He was sleeping at the wheel when he hit the other truck.
That old house mover got too early a start I fear.
Without a single sign of skid marks, I guess they both ran out of luck!

Michael R. Roth




Archived 11/17/2009