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The Absolute and Relative
Lightís Gravity
Springtime Serenade
Three Sentinels
Reaching Beyond
King Manhattan
Love Letter
Unto This Child Love Rained
Ebullient Becca
Forest Lessons
My Ideal President
Little Yellow Songbird
The Simple
Degradation of Bread
The Loner
Elegy For an Actor
Frightened Little Child
Stupendous Stephany
A Nightís Battle
An Unusual Poem
Final Solution
Devilís Playground
Camle Back Snow Walk
Eternal Dreams
Strange Dream
The Cosmos Bears Down On Me
To Achieve Understanding
Walking Through The Cosmos
I Do Love My Wife
Vivacious Nosleivys
The Sparkling Jewel that is Jasmyne
In The Dark, Considering
Time As An Abstract
You and I Lost In The Forest of Meaningless Symbols
The Bleeding Horse, Lost In Someone Elseís City
Sunwashed and Wasted
Winter is Not My Friend
Listen To The Silent Sing
Dreams and Schemes
Hooray for Hannah
Wind Against You
Delightful Diana

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