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The Rest of My Walk
Valley of Dice
Moments Like
The Wife
Prayer for the Priests of Mexico City
Two Mutes in the Press Room
Mixed Couple on the Morning Train
With Him
Boysenberry Eyes Awhirl
A White Horse Fell in a Mud Puddle
Dream House
Reply Of An Athlete
Mono In My Gamous
Front Page Girl
Just Like Us
Diana (Moon)
Diamond Moon
Genocide of Pins
Married Man Shy
Wound in Cellophane
In Memphis On Business
On Emigrating To Iceland After Iraq
While Financiers Assisi
An Earthquake in the Chest
Botanical Garden
Bag Lady
McDiver’s Creek
Yes, The World Is Overpopulated
The Pension Rag
A Praying Mantis on Van Ness
The Wind Chimes
To a Sleeping Youth On Muni
Jimmy the Blind Man Says He's in Love
The Prodigal
Pheasant Wings
Slovak Widow On 59th Street
Hedge with a Hole
Halloween: Flashlight in the Gangway
Looking Glass
Ye of Little Faith
Coal Bins

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